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DIY Aquaponics Guide

This site is dedicated to providing you with useful information, tips and tricks about building and maintaining your own aquaponics systems diy. With many aspects of aquaponics systems and so many variables to deal with, it can become overwhelming for beginners and even sometimes for a seasoned organic farmers.

If you are just starting and do not know what an aquaponics system is and how it works, please be sure to read our aquaponics systems articles and learn about the inner working of an aquaponics system.  On the side bar on your right is also links to various articles related to acquaponics diy.

How to Make a DIY Indoor Aquaponics System

The followings describes how to build a small media based aquaponics system for indoor use. in a nutshell  Please read our aquaponics design articles if you want to find out more about other types of acquaponics design:

The Big Picture

So picture this: At the end of the building process, you will have a IKEA frame with two containers, one small 25 liter container located on top to serve as grow bed for plants and one large 50 liter container located at the bottom to serve a fish tank. There will be an up flow PVC pipe that carries water from the fish tank up to the 25 liter container like a water fountain. Water can defy gravity because we use a small 600 lph electric submersible pump in the fish tank that pumps water up.  Water gets accumulated in the 25 liter container and then slowly drains through a drilled hole down through the down flow PVC pipe that carries water via gravity from the 25 liter container back to the fish tank.  This is our aquaponcis system diy in a nutshell.


1. Frame and Container setup:  Get an Antinius Frame from IKEA and purchase a 25 liter container as well as a 50 liter container. Put the 25 liter plastic container on top to use as the grow bed for plants. Use the 50 liter plastic container at the bottom for fish. So, Plants container on top and Fish container at the bottom.

DIY aquaponics

Frame for an DIY Aquaponics system


2. Plumbing:

Drill at one corner of the bottom of the 25 liter plastic container. You want to put the electric submersible pump at the bottom 50 liter  plastic container and then have a pvc pipe direct the water flow vertically from the 50 liter container up to the 25 liter container.

You also want to have a ball valve bypass that will control how much water is pumped into the plant container onto.

Lastly for plumbing, you will want a bell siphon that is attached to the bottom of the 25  liter container. Bell siphon is a mechanism for slowly flooding the grow bed aka the 25  liter plant container with water. Without it, water will just flow from the up flow PVC pipe from the fish tank and then flow back through the drilled hole through the down flow PVC pipe into back to the fish tank without flooding the grow bed. What we want is for the grow bed to be flooded for brief moments because then your plant roots can get the water, nutrients and oxygen.

3.  Media: Once everything is set up, you want to put some media such as clay pebbles into your grow bed aka the 25 liter container so that there is place for plants to take roots.

4.  Add water into the fish tank and then start up the electric water pump.

5. You want to start off with only a couple of fish in the fish tank to produce the amnonia and fish sewage to kickstart the process.

Here is an example of a home-made aquaponics system:

Further Reading and More Information

While we have attempted to clearly outline the method of building a small indoor aquaponics system from scratch, there are still many considerations and many variables involved. We suggest reading and watching more on this topic.

Aquaponics 4 You

For some people who are not mechanically inclined, the plumbing part of building an aquaponics system can be daunting. Fear not. There is a product called Aquaponics 4 You that will show you in great details the exact step by step instructions as well as many considerations of building and operating an aquaponics system (No plumbing experience necessary!).  The product comes with a manual as well as DVD video that shows you in full details exactly how to build an aquaponics system. It even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Furthermore,  the product further shows you how to build a larger backyards aquaponics system that will produce fruits, vegetables and fish for your own consumption, saving you on grocery bills.

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